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Lightbulb The Moon Pool

Followed by The Metal Monster..
The plot concerns an advanced race which has developed within the Earth's core..Eventually their most intelligent members create an offspring.This created entity encompasses both great good and great evil, but it slowly turns away from its creators and towards evil.. The entity is called either the Dweller or the Shining One..

Gong "Master Builder" (Live)...

The Dweller is in the habit of rising to the surface of the earth and capturing men and women which it holds in an unholy stasis and which in some wise feed it..It increases its knowledge and power constantly, but has a weakness, since it knows nothing of love..The scientist Dr. Goodwin and the half-Irish, half-American pilot Larry O'Keefe, and others, follow it down.. Eventually they meet a woman, beautiful and evil, named Yolara, who in essence serves the Shining One, and the 'handmaiden' of the Silent Ones, beautiful and good, named Lakla.. Both want O'Keefe and eventually battle over Der Herr im haus... me with poppy and hibiscus! crown..These brows with nightshade, monkshood and vervain!.Let us anoint us with the unguents brown that waft our wizard bodies to the plain..Where in the circle of unholy stones..The unconsecrated Sabbath is at height;Where the grim goat rattling his skulls & bones..Makes music that dissolves the dusk of night...

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