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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
The need for purpose

A fundamental flaw in the technocracy is that it offers people the basic essentials of life such as housing, food and clothing and in huxleys vision of a fabian socialist society outlined in his novel 'a brave new world' it also offers them a tranquilising drug 'soma' so that they can quash any feeling of dis-ease or anxiety that rises up within them and an outlet for sexual energies in state organised 'orgy porgies' but what it denies people is one of their most fundamental needs: PURPOSE

What happens to the human animal when it lacks any purpose?

That is one of the reasons that i support decentralised solutions because they encourage individual responsibility and PURPOSE. The question then is how to build community into that equation so that people are not left facing all challenges alone but may also work with others to overcome challenges while maintaining their individuality?

It's a balancing act and that is why so many people struggle to conceptualise this path because it is far easier for the mind to grasp onto simple black and white extremes

Quite so. "The Player Piano" an earlier and lesser known novel (1952) by Kurt Vonnegut, forsees the age of Robotopia probably moreso than Huxley, with the human population having little else to do other than walking about with their hands in their pockets (even the pub piano is a robot). Science fiction, but not much fiction in it at all now. The world is divided between a robot manufacturing elite multinational corporation and a jobless social diaspora with nothing but time on their hands.

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