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Arrow The Wandering Soul

Ghost Tape Number 10..

A loudspeaker team plays the "wandering soul" recordings..

One of the more interesting superstitions of Vietnam is the belief in the wandering soul..It is the Vietnamese belief that the dead must be buried in their homeland, or their soul will wander aimlessly in pain and suffering.. Vietnamese feel that if a person is improperly buried, then their soul wanders constantly.. They can sometimes be contacted on the anniversary of their death and near where they died.. Vietnamese honor these dead souls on a holiday when they return to the site where they passed away.

Who is that? Who is calling me?.My daughter? My wife?.
Your Father is back home with you, my daughter..
Your Husband is back home with you, my wife...
But my body is gone..I am dead, my family...

U.S. engineers spent weeks recording eerie sounds and altered voices - which pretended to be killed Vietcong - for use in the operation, with the intended purpose of instilling a sense of turmoil within the enemy, the desired result being for the soldier to flee his position..Helicopters were sometimes employed to broadcast recordings, in which the voices called on their "descendants" in the Vietcong to defect and cease fighting..The extent of the operation's success is unknown..The Vietcong usually encountered return fire if they reacted to the recordings, thus nullifying the intended outcome of the operation... are spirits in this house..The people I've met all have one thing in common; pain..Why don't you go haunt a house? and leave something of the happiness you bring...
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