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Originally Posted by raggie View Post
I've started doing requests. Today has been an emotional day for me as it turned out. I have witnessed a change in my circumstances and it didn't cost me a penny. It came about through being organised enough to spend some quality time focussing on the only thing that really matters, love. Proper love, unconditional love. Trouble is that we are forever being bombarded with the truth. The truth of our physical and emotional reality right now is dreadful. We have allowed ourselves to harm others. We walk from those that ache for our love, we are frightened by those that challenge our beliefs. Why are we so terrified of wearing our hearts in our eyes? How has the truth of our reality caused us to behave as we do? Why can't we just get on, regardless? Where is the truth of our love?

Hm…….What I am going to say may evoke a storm over my head. I don’t think that love is the answer. I have been on another forum where in ever sentence I could read……. love and light but the words didn’t match the actions of many members. They were abusive many times or blind to the pain of others. But they talked about empathy………and had no clue what it meant. I have developed a severe allergy for love and light. But I strongly believe in unconditional acceptance. People fight with each other to defend their beliefs rather than laughing together. But beliefs are only beliefs. Secondly, we are only humans. We love some people, or are indifferent to others. Some people may hate a few.
Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

Albert Einstein
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