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Originally Posted by codie View Post
I too have been challenged on the unconditional love basis today also.
I will stay strong in the face of the challenges I meet.
I am sure that giving love is the only way this planet can be healed. Even though I get metaphorically spat on a fair amount, and laughed at for my beliefs of there being more to this existence than what we see, I'm going to hold on to MY truth.
I'm going to spend a few days to get myself centred - I've been able to shield myself from negativity quite skilfully and I really want to help others - I'm empathic in nature. When that empathic offering gets crushed in quite spectacular style it make me question why humanity can be so hateful and bitter.
Having a verbal slap in the face isn't a bad thing. I know my path and I can see the path of those that want to stay swimming in hate.
I shall emerge stronger than before.
With love
you will, you already have. I am a shy person and I am easily embarassed. The only subject that I feel qualified to talk from the heart about, is the depth of the love that lives in my heart. No one can call me on that. It is my love. It exists within me so it can be shared. So it can become blended into the energy of all our love combined. I see people push this love away, the same as I have pushed hot, pure love away myself. It is a hard thing to own and understand. Yet it runs deep through human transaction. It swirls and eddys within our veins causing our focus to shimmer. It transcends words. For what words are able to match the energy of a loving gaze or a gentle touch? To love unconditional is a true challenge for all. Thank you all for responding so positively to this thread. It's going to be a good day.
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