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Originally Posted by domino1108 View Post
Nowhere near enough kindness as well. i see so many on this forum, that dont have words of kindness for fear of being seen as weak. I am not knocking anyone person and i include myself in this sometimes. I find love gives emotional strength to be who you are without the need to defend your soft and fragile core.

But to agree with the OP, spot on. Sometimes people look at this conspiracy, and it becomes a cage, and they are concentrating on the bars. The exposure of the conspiracy, is a motion towards a solution, not another injustice to appease the injustice we feel.
I agree with you, I was engaging in battles with people on this forum when i first joined, there seems to be a lot of negativity and a lot of intolarance on this site. When I first joined I was quite shocked and took to trying to fight the wrongs I thought I could see on this site.

I stopped coming on the forum for a while and found a phycic/paranormal chatroom and forum. Well it really opened my eyes. People on this chatsite have many diffrent beliefs some one on there claims to be a extra terrestrial some people dont even belive in aliens. But the strange thing is everyone listens to each others views and respects them and gets a long with each other.

Really with the message David promotes you would think there would be a lot more tolarance on this site. But it seems negativity breeds negativity.

I cant speak to much because I have not been coming on this forum much but with this new possitive meditation it was somthing I belived in and would come back and support it.

I think there was a line in a speach from a film thats quite popular on the net.

"We need kindness more than cleverness" There is a wisdom in kindness that transends being right or wrong on a single point. Yes we need to speak our truth but we need to act with compassion and wisdom
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