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Glad you had a good day flying on the wings of love

To answer your question the truth doesnt cause the problems, if the whole world knew the truth and people were not hiding the truth from us we would all be able to make better decisions, without the facts it becomes almost impossible to make decissions, thats why we have to follow the heart and the non linear intuitive side.

I do belive us people who have researched and discovered alot of these dark truths have a tendancy to concentrate just on the negative. I dont belive this comes from the alternative media so much I think its somthing we have inheritied from the mainstream news/media. Yes we need to look at the bad but not forget the reason why we are looking at the crap.

We are looking at the crap in the world so we can work out how we can fix it. I think many people have lost track of this and just concentrate on looking for the bad or waiting for the next bad thing to happen. If your reasearching this stuff and not using the knowlege in a possitive way your really wasting your time and might aswell have stayed asleep.

We need to look for answers and in a world of lies we have to let our hearts be the guide. In a world being manipulated by evil in high places we need to combat this with love. We need balance and we need to be doing good stuff and look at the possitive, there is a lot of possitive out there even a lot of negative storys can turn out to be possitive events in the long run.
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