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Heres the agenda of Count Vittorio Vivaldi III. He wants me to be his cannon fodder to help bring back the Ordo Praedicatorum to power. He wants this Order he's tied to back in power over the Society of Jesus which control it right now. Why would I want to bring back another branch of the Dragon? I don't know which one is worse. The Ordo Praedicatorum controlled the Spainish Inquisition for over 600 long years. Who did they direct this Inquisition at? The true-Christians as usual, the so-called Heretics. So I'm glad infact that the Society of Jesus subordinated this Order as I am with the subordination of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in 1798.

I will not play a known part in bringing another cretinous Dragon Order back to power, to then destroy me or my peoples. I won't have elements of the Dragon pulling my strings and in the process eventually leaving me out to dry or worse. Your dealing with Craig Oxley, an Englishman from a Reformation nation with morals. I see clearly the Roman Luciferian witchcraft roots and it's leadership. I see through your false teachings and I know the real Biblical teachings, two very different things entirely. As for Leo and his Order of St Benedict, the same things goes.

Its time the Dragon was killed and rotting in the stinking flesh it has already. So you can tell Carlos Costa and Edward Ruane I have no intentions of being their fall guy. So folks either this Count wants to attack the Jesuits or he's trying to set me up with fake information in order to discredit me. Right now it could be either but theres a big Dragon agenda to try to discredit and discourage anti-Vatican exposers. The only people exposing the true head of the Dragon of Lucifer down their in Saturnia. In reality Vittorio needs not me but he has an agenda that includes me or so he thinks.

-Craig Oxley
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