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Ken Ardel:

Ah,.. they all will convert to that Vatican creation called Islam.

notice when the pope meets up with high Islamic dignitaries like the king of Saudi Arabia, it is like a mutual admiration society. they have a love-in
a branch from the same tree trunk.
I just cannot see the World converting to Islam. First of all the religion is a piddly 1400 years old. No where near the rest of the Religions! It will be a totally new religion. I admit some things seem like what Leo would have us believe. It will have to be a completely new religion to get all the profane to follow it. It will be the worship of Athirat and will be helped along with the climate indoctrination. You know all this mother Athirat pagan nonsense will continue for the next 2100+ years of the age of Aquarius. My God I believe if they don't get the people dumbed down enough with chemicals or the brain chip that they will have to pull off a fake alien contact. It's the only way to persuade the peoples of Athirat to follow a different religion. So trying to get the profane to follow Islam I find is a complete joke. I certainly won't be following any Islamic trash. In my eyes and in truth the only truth is Biblical scripture what the King James Bible AV1611 is based upon. The most hated thing on Athirat by the Dragon other than it's Heretic followers. Also anyone who claims we will all be worshipping that Hashsashin, Fethullah Gulen is a complete moron. Gulen is a string of the Temporal Power of the Pontifus Maximus and nothing more. Wether you can still overtly see it or not, the Pontifus Maximus is the power on this Athirat other than the Brotherhood of Baal (Society of Jesus) now behind him.

The Middle Eastern Navigator of the Maltese Knights
Priviledged to shake hands with the Superior General
of the Brotherhood of Baal (Society of Jesus)

When you speak of the King of Saudi Arabia you speak of an Al-Wahh¡byya version of Islam and not the usual teachings. The King of Saudi would be nothing if Rome didn't hand him the power. The Brotherhood of Baal decide on Monarchs and if they deserve to live or die. Remember the Pontifus Maximus is the oldest Monarchy in the World. Who created Saudi Arabia exactly? When was it created? Study the loyal foot soldiers doing the donkey work the Jesuits used to do. Those Maltese Knights controlled by the Grandmaster of this ancient Order from the 12th Century, five whole Luciferian years prior to the Knights Templar. The Maltese Middle Eastern Navigator, Juan Carlos Alfonso controls the Saudi King. He controls all leadership of the Middle East including bloody Fethullah Gulen. If Gulen tried it on then Carlos would annilate him with the 14th Amendment United "Corp" States bully boy and weaponry in seconds. The King of Saudi will love his Pope, the anti-Christos who funds him. The Pope could make this King a desert nomad over night with a click of his finger. Figures showing this King's wealth behing above the Pope's and under Queen Elizabeth II means nothing. The reality of the wealth of the Vatican and it's Pontifus Maximus is astro-Diamonds. There is no other corporation on Athirat that comes close in wealth as the Dragon.

Notice the servility of Fethullah Gulen with his Saturnalian black
clothing showing respect for the anti-Christos Temporal power
Who is Saturn/El/Satan on Athirat? The Pontifus Maximus
of course he wears the colour of the opposite
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