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Default 90% Fact and 10% DISINFORMATION

In the video the 13 Bloodlines made by Fritz Springmeier who just happened to be jailed.

Please note:-) ---> Fritz Springmeier, who has been imprisoned for “planning to rob banks”, is one of the number one illuminati researchers in the world)


Fritz Springmeier he did not spead disinformation. (and he was Jailed)

Please Note: Fritz also said, people who are in the spot light (the ones that are in the mainstream) of this anti-new world order movement. Give 90% truth and 10% disinformation.

William Cooper has been killed. ( Did he give disinformation guys? If he did)

There is a reason why the had to be ended cause, this is what happens to people who tell the truth. And we all are researchers and are smart enough to understand this fact.

William Cooper, R.I.P
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