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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
we need people in the military, in the parliament, in business, in journalism, in education, in the medical world, in the arts, in all areas of life to be able to see what games are being played here and that there are some very evil motivations behind them

We need them to understand that there are terrible implications for them and all of us if these dark plans are able to fully materialise

if we can work together we can bring a peaceful resolution to this that will ensure the safety of ALL people

I believe we have this intelligence within us. We just need the integrity and the will
Some of the military have been made aware of the implications by David Ellis and the team at Strategic Defence Initiatives and the Government is fully aware that the military could turn against them if they fully understood what is happening. This is why EU Military Unification presses full steam ahead with Britain fully involved regardless of Brexit and forms no part of the negotiations. MP's across the board are also very reluctant to even mention it, the mainstream media won't touch it. If people knew what was really happening they'd be up in arms.

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