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Originally Posted by mikethepunk View Post
My Hero William Cooper.
Thanks for posting! Eye opening for me?
#1 Putting a time and face on the government takeover of the military industrial complex. Mid 50's, Eisenhour to Nelson Rockefeller.
#2 Understanding how the Bilderberg, CFR and TLC were created and their influence over the US government elected officials.
The information Mr Cooper provided makes Eisenhour's "farewell to the nation's" speech much more dramatic.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
Originally Posted by withthespigotonhot View Post
he later renounced most of his ufo beliefs claiming all the documentation pertaining to aliens/ufos he was shown at the office of naval intelligence, was disinformation, and that he was intentionally mislead.
Originally Posted by thirdwave View Post
its always hard to believe any of these whissle blowers as if its so top secret then how do we know they are fed the right info to start with as well as how do we know at some stage they have not undergone extreme mind control.. or life threats in order to bring them in line...I should listen to more of his stuff though(1)..
The part about the UFO minutes into his speech he says, and I'll quote from memory
...none of this (secrecy)made sense before until you added the UFO/alien phenomena...
I'm doing what Mr Cooper suggested I do. I have taken the information I deemed true and took it at face value. But I will continue my quest for extra terrestrial activities...(The disclosure project is moving slow, Jose Escamilla's UFO greatest story ever denied didn't garner the attention wanted...) so I'm loss for words as far as they go...

(1) I will also further my education by listening to his "Mystery Babylon" series...right now!

PS:"I'm not knocking Mr Cooper's research at all. I truly salute Mr Cooper's courage in identifying the men behind the secrecy curtain of that era. He had the NWO pinpointed, and their agenda so well thought out he predicted 9/11. I have no doubt he was silenced because of what he would have went on to say about the military contracts awarded in Irak and the turn of events leading to popular political figures now openly talking about the need for a New world Order.

It's a fascinating time to be alive. Even if nothing happens, or if something does...After "2012", what's left to conspire about? We rolled 2000 over without a glitch. The Mayans have nothing to say else to say after that year...The bible ends with a spiritual reign of a thousand years on Earth...Are we finally going to be able to live in peace and harmony? I mean, that's all I really fuckin' want. Some stability and some peace of mind...I ain't asking for much.
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