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Originally Posted by newdecades View Post
i agree. people believe him about the ufo/alien thing just because he died. i question whether he was actually purposely killed. he was associated with the christian patriot movement that, if i remember correctly, are kind of violent or are into guns and stuff. so maybe he pulled out a gun or something and got shot because of that. also, if he was purposely killed it could be because he was part of the military and they were pissed that he gave out secrets so decided to take him out. not because he changed his mind about aliens and started going on about the bible being the truth like a lot of people believe.
who knows how he died, but is it out of the question to assume that the "illuminati" will be happy to sacrifice one of their own once in a while?

or that maybe he was fairly genuine in what he believed while the illumianti are aware killing someone will make many believe they are more tangible?... hence being happy for people to believe him..
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