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when you have an inalienable right, that means it CAN'T be taken. sorry, that doesn't exist. i can not find any evidence of rights in nature.

laws...rights...bla bla bla. lipstick on a pig as they say. force is force. and the strong rule. always been that way. nobody's rights have ever interfered with a government bent on doing what it wants. rights exist on paper. in nature it comes down to will and ability. lol, governments know that. kings and queens and warlords have always known that. it hasn't changed. and all this stuff about natural law? philosophy. its a nice philosophy too. but it is just a philosophy. there is no natural law in nature. unless you want to talk about water freezing, things going up and coming down...that sort of thing. the observable things. natural law is not observable. its a philosophy. the only reason i say this is because it always get brought up when i say the world functions on force. edit: deep in all our hearts we all know this is true. thats why there is this natural emotional response called fear. you dont look at a grizzly and and say fuck you i have a right to live. no siree cos his ability to eat you trumps your imaginary "right" to life. ghosts? who ya gonna call? nobody. you put up with it or you do something about it. its that simple. they actually love it when you whine about your rights. why? cos they know the score and you dont. i mean, thats how they "do it". thats how they "do it" to you.

edit: and may be i will expound on that just a little. its not just rights. its good and evil, right and wrong. funny how those concepts work isn't it? i see no evidence of those concepts in nature either. thats because they dont exist. they are point of view dependent. thats all. in the same way rights are a philosophy that can be used to build something a little better the concepts of good and evil and right and wrong can be used to do the same thing. they can also be used to control people. seems to be working too. and very well. the reality is, its all well and good to try to be civilized, to live and let live. then, inevitably, some one or some situation shows up that makes it so you just have to do what you have to do and there may be consequences. yes choices and consequences. the stuff of life. just dont confuse the issues with right and wrong and good and evil and rights. those doing it to you dont confuse those things. they simply do what they do because they can.

people dont like this situation. they never have. being at the mercy of the vagaries of nature and their fellow man for that matter have caused them to come up with philosophies and even religions to explain these things. to help them cope with their lack of control. those philosophies dont help. in fact they tend to limit. and like i said...thats how they do it to you.

a lot of truths are not very palatable, eh?

i have reads the art of war. good book. i am pretty sure sun tzu didn't let such ideas interfer with his waging of war. they guys at the top? they like this one: “Perfection in war lies in so sapping your opponents will that he surrenders without fighting.”
— Sun Tzu

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