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Default Pay Taxes Or Exercise Right To Kill

At a recent conference I was at, some people speaking suggested that it is a good idea to pay VOLUNTARY income taxes (see Dave Champion's book "Income Tax: Shattering The Myths" for proof income tax paying by the general public is voluntary) to the govt and private banks if you have children so you won't go to jail and your children won't lose their parents. But why does it have to be that way? I got a better idea. How about...... when the IRS agents, government personnel, or police come to arrest you for refusing to pay your voluntary taxes, wait until they break down your door and then take out your gun (and perhaps teach your children how to use guns in case this happens) and blow the living daylights out of the tyrants trying to arrest you.

And let me make it very clear that you have the right to use lethal force in self defense in such situations, so why don't more people try this? Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to put a sign out on your property that says "Any government and/or law enforcement personnel coming on this property for the purpose of violating unalienable rights will be fired upon with deadly force if they show any sign of using unnecessary force to violate unalienable rights!"
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