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Originally Posted by tink123 View Post
**BREAKING NEWS** Cover Up Exposed! RIP Victoria Soto Facebook Page Created on dec 10!!!!

Been looking on you tube and came across this clip...which basically claims a facebook memorial page was set up for Victoria soto on Dec 10th...4 days before she actually died???? its no longer there on facebook....the plot thickens!! x
Simple explanation, the page was created for something else, then converted to RIP Victoria Soto.

Its the same with the Sandy Hook RIP page which was made in August for some guys kid who died and he converted it to that.

No conspiracy. You can change the title any time, but it still shows the original creation date. The person probably got no hits and so changed it. The only way you would no for sure is to go back in time 10 days and see what it said. Bet you it wouldnt have said RIP Victoria Soto.
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