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Default My Induction to the Illuminati (My Story)

This may come as a shock to some people here, and I have never posted about this on the icke forum to my memory... But here it is... I haven't really written much about my story on my blog. This is the first post about my story on it so far, but wont be the last. In it includes my experiences with the US shadow government faction of the illuminati... Before anyone skips reading this and assumes I am claiming to be an illuminati insider, or have been complicit with them, I would firmly say both are untrue. I have never been complicit with their agenda, and I do not term myself an illuminati insider, although I could have been one if I played my cards differently.............

Full Article:
My Story (Omnisense) Part 1 • Targeted Individual • Contactee • Illuminati Induction

I haven't spoken much about my story on this blog yet. My story is very complicated and it took me many years to gain a somewhat truth filled perspective on such.

My rabbit hole started in late 2007 when I was waiting at my old place of employment meeting a friend. During this time I started trance channeling vocally all sorts of crazy stuff,... Among other things I will not mention, I channeled via mind control technology, predictions(that came true), as well as I would meet a member of the illuminati, and he would be wearing a top hat.

Well I met the illuminati member, he was wearing a top hat, and as far as I could remember it's the first time I had seen someone with one, so he stood out.

Without going too much into the details I was inducted into what was presented to me as the illuminati. I was not given a choice, I was just told this:

"You are on the 3rd floor out of 6" (in the power structure)
This was the structure of the faction of illuminati I was 'inducted' into:

Roof (Leaders, Full Disclosure of the Truth)
Attic (Assassins, Black Ops, etc)
4th Floor
3rd Floor
(my induction level)
2nd Floor
1st Floor
To be very clear I would not term myself an "illuminati insider". I have had very little interaction with who was designated to be my "handler". I have never been complicit with any illuminati agendas. And rejecting their instructions may be a big reason that got me into the electronic harassment situation I am in now...

Long story short when I realized I was being engaged by the US shadow govt faction of the illuminati, I planned on infiltrating them, sabotaging them, and martyring them. Not so much killing anyone in saying martyr, more just sabotaging them until they found out and assumably killed me. Little did I know that they have thought monitoring technology, and I had been under surveillance of such for what seems like since birth or shortly thereafter... I later learned there are worse things than death. Like being kept alive while suffering, or watching your whole family and almost all your friends call you crazy after not being able to come to terms with your testimony...

I have attempted to explain my story many times in the last several years. I have not always had the truth when it came to my perception of what was happening to me and why. It took me years to dislodge many implanted beliefs, implanted via very persuasive external factors as well as mind control...

Over time I have slowly pieced together the truth of my situation. Recovered memories certainly helped a lot. The illuminati induction was mostly a concealed memory for me when it came to realizing my intent to martyr them may have lead to the severity of my targeting... This was only recently brought up to me. I assume my intent to infiltrate, sabotage, and martyr the illuminati pissed them off along with many other aspects of who I am, what I stand for, and my capability in thwarting their psy ops and agenda.

I believe now that my initial making of music(while not so much transhuman) is what partially lead to my induction. One deleted memory I just recently got back, was back in 2006/2007, while I was making music, I realized my music would fit great with a very good musical. The way I thought of it was "What if there was a "bible" of truth that could be put into sonic and visual form, to teach, enlighten, and increase enjoyment". I intended to make such a work... The shadow government certainly did NOT want me to do this musical. I started a blog for the musical, but for now have stopped work on such, as I am hesitant to bring upon myself the wrath of doing this musical...

When I met the illuminati agent, which I for years ID'd in public texts as a US shadow government operative(I was unsure about the illuminati existing even after these experiences for various reasons), he handed me a computer with instructions in a textedit document. There were about 21 instructions.

The instructions were as follows(any instruction past #1 could have been in a different order):

1. (paraphrasing) "Read these instructions and answer in your own mind, as if we could listen"
They COULD listen, and reading this really really shocked me. As I said I planned on martyring these groups, so the idea they could listen to my thoughts unnerved me a bit.

2. "You Will Not Make a Musical."
3. "You Will Not Speak of This Encounter to Anyone in Any Way."
The rest of the instructions are no longer accessible to my memory. I have expressed desire to my extraterrestrial contacts for them to bring up these instructions and they told me they will see what they can do...

Anyway,.....I kept my own autonomy during this induction process minus them basically just inducting me without me agreeing to join. To their instructions I read and answered them absolutely according to my own free will without intimidation, remember, I was and still am willing to die for the right cause in a heartbeat(living for the causes is what I do now though).

My answer to the instruction "You Will Not Make a Musical." was "I do not agree". Which I was recently told a big reason for the severity of my targeting. If you have not read such, I have endured over 100,000 technological tortures since late 2007 after my induction(no exaggerations)...

After doing an astrology reading for me, the illuminati bloodliner(who I will not name out of respect, I know his full name) said I was in for "lots and lots of sex" and offered me models to have intercourse with, I declined for my own reasons(I am not a promiscuous person).

After the 2 or 3 days of spending time with this illuminati member, we parted ways after I drove him to downtown Portland Oregon, where he said he was to pick up a "shoebox full of cash" for his interactions with me. This was the beginning of my very severe mind control and electronic harassment.

Without going too much into detail, I was hit so hard with acute mind control, I was made to look crazy to my friends and family. I was doing all sorts of wacky things. One night I was walking around Portland near the music school I attended, and had my first clear telepathic encounter. I was being told telepathically to turn left or right(in concept) at different streets. I thought this whole thing would lead to me finding someone, little did I know I was just being played with. Somehow I had connected this telepathic interaction with the US shadow government, and remember thinking to myself: "So this is what the apex spies have."

After that my memory gets quite a bit hazy, but I remember some structure. Eventually I was spoken to with microwave hearing technology, AKA v2k, aka electronic telepathy. This started with a very severe electronic harassment where I was barraged for quite some amount of time with very dark comments and images in my mind by this source thousands of times a day, and stuck in my very first major "mind control matrix", it wouldn't be the last...

The year of 2008 I cannot remember much of. But I do remember this was the year extraterrestrials openly contacted me, as well as showed me one of their exotic looking black ships, up close in broad daylight. The first ET contact I had was an extraterrestrial artificial intelligence saying: "Would you like telepathic contact with extraterrestrials?" I quite obviously said yes, and the rest is history...

My interaction with ETs has been a learning process. The US shadow government has impersonated more ETs to me than I care to mention.

Eventually I started having experiences fully and overtly for showing me the capabilities of mind control, chakra technology, virtual reality, body control technology, and more, having basically the entire suite of technologies used in the control grid exemplified to me....

...At first this confused me, because my ET contacts did not tell me they would be doing it, or if they did the memory was deleted. I had to consider that the US shadow government were behind these experiences at first. This completely confused me, because obviously they do not want civilians to know about their most secret technologies... Finally after many informations of me stating confusion about the source of these technological experiences, no doubt causing some suspicion, my contacts came forward and told me they had made the decision to train me in the technologies of the control grid, as a reaction to the US shadow government's targeting of me. I believe their targeting of me has backfired, and I found a way to sabotage their agenda without being a martyr

Some might think being tortured so much, mind controlled, etcetc would be disempowering, and it surely has been to some degrees at various times, but overall I have become more powerful (in ways) as result of my targeting. Instead of just research to go by, I now have a plethora of very distinct experiences showing me the truth. I have had countless black ops experiences done to me, so I have learned the "style" of these sources, and it has helped with my discernment of disinformation immensely...

...All the implanted beliefs have served to show me what kind of things they are controlling people to believe, although this came at very high cost to me. Also I would like to note that as result of becoming transhuman, I have become less potent. My music ability is lesser, my clarity and linguistics are lesser, etc. The whole point of making me transhuman is to round down my ability to thwart their agenda, which is embedded into my soul as my true nature and soul purpose in ways...

As I say, my case is very complicated, and took me a long time to gain anywhere near a good grasp of my own situation. My extraterrestrial contacts have engaged both dark ETs and the human powers that be relating to me, and have influenced what happens to me, even while I am being tortured...

...They told me(and it is self evident for me as truth) they have been successful in creating an environment where that if I am tortured or something bad happens to me, I can learn from it, and it adds to my own power, although this is not always the case with tortures as the shadow government likes to make them redundant to prevent a learning process as much as possible...

An example of "useful tortures", in 2012 a very frequent torture I was getting was the distinct conceptual energy of "Soul Destroy" in my heart chakra. It was pretty rough at the time, as it was coupled with a very torturous energy/vibration, but through many chakra tortures(as well as positive experiences), I learned that many things, including any conscious energy can be put into chakra.

Everything makes so much more sense now... For a long time I was absolutely perplexed at what was happening to me...

I think I have written enough for now... That concludes Part 1 of my blog series of my story. There will be more additions to my story as time goes on... If anyone has any questions feel free to comment in whatever medium you would like to me.
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