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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
One thing all those videos have in common is the picture quality is unbelievably bad , always best for fakery to hide things
Pathetic oz watches and avoids. You fail EVERY debate you enter on this subject, because you refuse to address the evidence. Shit quality because it was transmitted from the fucking moon!! It was also recorded on video.

.. but wait NASA informs us they've now lost all the originals
Liar!! They have not lost any of the originals. Only the backup recordings for Apollo 11 were lost.

.... what a pity , the opportunity to analyse the pictures with advanced computer is now gone.
Bullshit. The original recordings in best quality are available from Spacecraft Films. Nobody has found anything wrong with any of it. I don't count repeated debunked shite on that list.

I did watch the man digging a trench , as I hadn't seen that before. The dirt is very dusty and extremely loose .... he has no problem going down about half a meter ....
Then why the fuck didn't you address the point it makes!!!! He has no problem on that area. Maybe you think the Moon is one gigantic plane of thick soil

OMFG he comes in here with THE most idiotic of all HB claims about a sodding blast crater and cowardly avoids all the video points in the OP.

What are you afraid of?

Read and then also answer(avoid) this...

They showed on the descent film, dust being blasted away the entire time at lower altitude to ground level.

Armstrong commented on the lack of a crater.

He and several others took dozens of under the LM images.

What idiot world does NASA....ALL SIX MISSIONS!! talk about it, photograph it but fail to actually make one if it was bloody needed. DUHH!
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