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Madeira is one of the 2 autonomous regions of Portugal (along with the Azores)..It is an archipelago situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal..The archipelago is just under 400 kilometres (250 mi) north of Tenerife, Canary Islands..Bermuda and Madeira, a few time zones apart, are the only land in the Atlantic on the 32nd parallel north, the parallel defined the limit of the southern no-fly zone in Iraq..At this latitude the sun is visible for 14 hours, 15 minutes during the summer solstice and 10 hours, 3 minutes during the winter solstice and was claimed by Portuguese sailors in the service of Prince Henry the Navigator in 1419 and settled after 1420..The archipelago is considered to be the first territorial discovery of the exploratory period of the Age of Discovery, so I don't think that I have to explain myself to you..

Acidente TAP 1977 Em Reportagem - TP 425 O Voo Interminavel - RTP1..

Moon Waxing Gibbous Visible: 67% Age: 8.96 days - On November 19, the Andhra Pradeshcyclone made landfall near Chirala, bringing a storm surge of 5 metres (16 ft) or more to the island Diviseema - Shortly before 9:48pm on that Saturday evening, after 13 hours and 15 minutes of service time, the tired crew of the 727 was trying to land the aeroplane on the difficult Santa Catarina International Airport's runway, which at the time was 1,600 m (5,250 ft) long..After 2 unsuccessful attempts to land the aircraft, the Captain Joao Lontrao and Co-pilot Miguel Guimaraes Leal decided to make one last try to land the plane, before they would have to make the decision to divert to the Gran Canaria Airport in the Canary Islands..While on final approach to runway 24 in heavy rain, strong winds and poor Visibility, the aircraft touched down, the crew tried desperately to stop, applying maximum reverse thrust and brakes and plunged over a 200-foot (61 m) steep bank hitting a nearby bridge and crashing on the Beach; splitting in 2 pieces and bursting into flammes..

Sadat Visits Israel Today In History..

Lady Davina Lewis was born at St Mary's Hospital, London and was baptized at Barnwell Parish Church and grew up in Kensington Palace..Delta Of Venus by Anais Nin was one of the best selling books - It was Saturday, under the sign of Scorpio - At 8:03 P.M. (1:03 P.M., New York time), President Anwar elSadat of Egypt stepped aground at Ben Gurion International Airport, at the start 0f his 36-hour visit, creating Middle East history as the first Arab leader to visit Israel since its founding in 1948..The Red Hand Gang Monkey Business - Manchester United v Norwich City - At points during gameplay, all contestants would be offered the opportunity knocks to purrchase merchandise at a bargain price - Peterborough United v Plymouth Argyle - Kerri Allyson Strug Fischer is an American retired gymnast from Tucson, Arizona - Libya drops diplomatic relations with Egypt William Sonny Criss (23 October 1927) was an American jazz musician..As a consequence of this painful condition, Criss committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot) in his adopted city of Los Angeles - Of the 164 people aboard (156 passengers and 8 crew), 131 were killed (125 passengers and 6 crew), making it the deadliest aircraft accident in Portugal to that point..Time, is on my side..Yes it is... move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy..I'll get so close to you, so close across the north and south..And if that doesn't work, I have other ways..I have so many, many ways...

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