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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Don't you find it really strange how they have come to this conclusion that their condition is because of the nerve agent? If the pair is addict, the first thing I'd suspect is contaminated, lower grade drug and not the nerve agent in a contained space. I mean, how did it get there? In a shopping bag? Then why the shop staff didn't collapse?! Anyways, the pair don't look like a druggy to me. If she's injecting, she wouldn't be showing her arms by wearing a summer dress anyway.

So BBC keep adding the answer we have been raising. Good to see they follow DIF.

Funny that. I have been feeling Hot and Sweaty for a number of days now.
I think another question that needs answering :-
If this couple lived in any other area would they have been tested or novochoc?
If someone falls ill and goes to a&e, they will think it an infection and look the cause.. I have lots of first hand experience with this lately.
I think looking for novochoc would come well after a shitload of other tests were carried out prior
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