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Originally Posted by blackstar76 View Post
I'm the same way. I really do believe we are on the verge of political and finiancial meltdowns. But as for this new age stuff I don't know anymore. Lot's of predictions with zero results.

As for handing out flyers. I wouldn't bother. I told a few people to get prepared for this month. Now I am the crazy guy who needs to get out more. I say from now on I let the event be the wakeup call and explain afterwards. People are not going to listen and prepare or stockpile food. They are going to laugh at you and carry on. Humanity deserves what is comming.

This is wise.

I'm sorry you're now the crazy guy. The shit you have to put up with, when your intentions are good and you're a bit ahead of the curve.

Whether humanity deserves it or not, it is coming.

New Age = lots of false promises, lots of information to encourage benign waiting and/or finger pointing, lots of powerlessness, lots of self gratification.
There is also some great stuff in there too. But it's good to see it for what it is and to lose faith in it, because crutches don't help us.
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