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Originally Posted by lurker View Post
Don't want to be a spoil-sport but IMHO the poster campaign should be discussed on a separate thread leaving the newcomers to witness all the research rather than the chat about the campaign.

It's had 5 posts in 5 hours.

This is what happens when people only come here and not the forum.

Its happened to all the other threads we make.

The problem is we still need to discuss things here to keep attention on stuff.

Then when we have anything concrete it can be moved.

It's not like anybody is doing any serious research here atm that is getting pushed back, and we did need to get some traction with Marlowe's leaflet.

Now that we have some movement and action, yes, obviously we can move stuff over. The focus will naturally die out on this one anyway soon. It always does.

That's why we need to strike while the iron is hot.

We've done plenty of research here but people rightly complain of not enough actions IRL getting things out there.

We will just have to accommodate other projects while they are active.

IF they start to take over then we move them.

ATM, this is just a general discussion to get stuff going. It needs to happen.

We will get back to digging soon enough, and straight away if anyone brings anything to the table?
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