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Theres nothing more that pisses us of then people making documentaries on us (Humanoid Reptilans) and the Native Reptilians, as none of you know what you are talking about. Reptilians hate exposure and would much prefer to do it whilst riding the physical wave of another being so they are covert and not seen however i can see them quite well when they are in the physical of say a Human on a news report for example. Leave us alone ya cunts! How about i make a documentary on you instead outlining all topics to do with misinformation and propaganda/misunderstandingaa just how you treat your knowledge and understanding of Reptilians as a whole, because most people seem to refer to us as bad malevolent and parasitic and we can be if need be but we are generally not. So get your accounts right before you go making up a documentary on us. All the docos ive seen on Reptilians so far have been complete mislead utter bullshit with no direction and volume behind the contents and health of the documentary and what its trying to suggest and teach to it's viewers. :/
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