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The magic hexagrams are interesting. I wondered once if the magic squares of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 nested 3dimensionally in a cube but never had the time to check, if they did, and they balanced numerically, a diagonal slice might be similar to your 6hexagram device.

Maybe Magic8 or the I Ching 64 square plots into the 3D 64 tetrahedron grid?

I was in the gematria abyss too for awhile, I think coming from the geometrical metastructure side would be the safest way, then you could see which of the calculators work or not.

With all the different versions, I have never been able to compare the numerical value of the Hebrew, Sanscrit, Arabic, Greek etc alphabets next to each other before must be difficult. I sort of see they have their differences, some 9based, some 37based, some 19based. They probably have a relationship so simple that you can hardly find it. It would be great to do with someone fluent in old Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit. Tried speaking with a hebrew girl about it once, and she said its not so well known anymore. And she lived her whole life in Jerusalem.

'One that has the key to gematria has the key to the Arcane secret of the ancients.' Just thinking about it blows your mind to think what a perfect knowledge of these things would allow a human to do, it would be fully God like. And to think modern humanity has totally forgotten.

You have to think about what the books written in gematria all actually write about. And with such a phenomenally exact science. Of course there are some corrupted gematria texts too, with widespread popularity, imagine a simple mistake like writing the word 'lived', backwards.

Its great to have the Rodin maths, that in it self is well and truly enough to get the gist of a conscious universal system. It as been enough for me to see what Socrates, for one, means when he says 'life with an unexamined mind is not worth living' and what all the masters of the practices of Yoga, Alchemy, Zen, Buddhism, Dzogchen, Tao and the rest, are all trying to say to the scientists. There all sort of saying, 'what more proof do you need?'

'First ye seek the kingdom of heaven, and the rest shall be added on to you.' The yogi Jesus. Maybe finding THE 9, within our own being, firstly, with one of humanities ancient practices is the best way the rest of the organization of the plan will be added to our knowledge. Rodin says there is whole extra chart on a higher plane, or another polarity, (cant remember) that he has no idea how to describe at this stage.

Dealing with thousands of years of history and myths of different versions of higher worlds, lower worlds, after death planes, bardos, heavens, paradises, otherworlds etc which are all things that are commonly unseen and rarely known about exactly except to Lamas and yogis and the like that, as they say, come and go. It seems to me that the Rodin maths apart from externals and the 9,3,6, circuit, also deals with some of these more unseen aspects of the universe and that we might have to become abit more internally illuminated to approach them in an easy way.

Of course through trial and error like a Sodoku, there would be away, nothing is impossible. Look at what Rodin already worked out, but I personally think he must have experimented with some psychophysiological disciplines at some stage.

If the gematria is to be linked with the Rodin maths, the 64 tetrahedron grid could be the first step for placement??

Using that Magic3 square, with the rodin number groups, you could try line up the I ching hexagrams with that in the 64 grid?

Gematria is a heavy one.

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