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Originally Posted by skywalker9 View Post
I have been trying to boil down the magic squares for ages with no real success. I know Jose Arguelles in his Mayan Factor has some interesting link with the 64 I ching square, Magic8 and the centre of the Mayan calendar, but to the Rodin maths no idea ay.
The n=3 square falls beautifully into rodin math, because each row and culumn is formed by one number from each of three groups (1 4 7 , 2 5 8 and 3 6 9) It's like a sudoku.

On one diagonal, you plot the 2 5 8 group (instant 15 sum). On other, you plot such values, they grow by one, because 2 5 8 is growing. If you plot from top left to bottom right 2, 5, 8, you "plot" from bottom left to top right 4, 5 already there, 6. Then just fill out the rest 4 spots.

Once you see the pattern, it's really no big deal, IF you know the Rodin's math.

The pattern in bigger squares is, imo, the same.

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