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The 'Isis, Osiris, Horus' mythic rites are an alchemical allegory for perfection. And very relative to the Rodin maths of our Consciousness!

It is said something like, the neophyte must use wisdom to make the mind a virgin, (Isis), by clearing away dualistic thoughts, dreams, and sensory stimuli, (1,2,4,8,7,5) with a complete system of psychophysiological discipline like Raja yoga. (Or the tantric technique described in the book/all his books 'Serpent Power' by Arthur Avalon. Which does not require the union of 2 people as we have the positive and negative that needs to be integrated in us anyway) Because all these things are the worldly things that (Set) uses to break pure awareness (Osiris) into distracted unintegrated pieces, (strewn out over the world). Isis (wisdom/meditating mind) collects the pieces of Osiris (regather your awareness) and when they are balanced together in union you have the birth of a new state of unified consciousness fixed in the 9 (Horus).

The Buddhist, Dzogchen, Zen, Tao, Sufic union, birth of Christ, all describe the same process with merely different mythology, sciences, symbols and allegory that are just right for the minds of the people in those cultures at the time. The buddist Clear-Light they strive to achieve is a mind 'Clear' with wakeful awareness 'Light'.

They then speak of commencing small tasks in your day without aborting Horus. Without loosing the massive clearlight inner space you have achieved with your psychophysiological discipline of choice and your Herculean labour. This inner state must be integrated with the dualistic activity, which can work holographically as it does normally, but now it all happens within (and not without) your awareness, without disturbing or rusting it into pieces again. (Dzogchen Bon teachings by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche are gold for other points of view.)

The hall of Amenti would be symbolic of the heart or the mind, I think the eye inside would be the 9 too; would be the pure 9 awareness of all things. Which everyone totally needs to have any awareness at all. But its full expression is dormant and merely unrealized or unactivated within. To be totally aware, or to be actually not really aware, that is the question in Hamlet Act3/scene1.

Humans are like light bulbs, the awareness level, being the brightness of their light. Unfortunately there are many dull lights out there, but that is more so because of the shockingly/intentionally ineffective education system and they are all innocent. Bright lights know to much, they shine light on things that the doomed lights like to keep in the dark. But the 9 is always watching, even their dreams at night.

I dont know how, but the 9 makes all actions have a reaction. There is always the Echo that comes back again, a few times.

Turn the mind from a corruptable state of distracted rustable lead awareness, to golden fixed and integrated (9 consciousness state) Philosophical stone, by alchemical transmutation within the laboratory of your own body in the furnace of your mind/heart with the fire of concentration and the hammer of disipline. "Quote unknown" brackets mine.

I like the colour theory charts ay, nice link with the fractality of the octave notes. It makes me see reason why the ancients gave a colour and a musical note to the 12 houses of the Zodiac. Interesting after seeing everything alternating from positive to negative in Rodin maths to think what happens after each procession of these houses of the zodiac.

The Rodin mathematics has brought all these quotes together for me and its all over the world now. Its motivation to actually start doing some of these things. The butterfly has heavily flapped its wings.

Someone put 2 coils together to mimic Nassim Haramein's 3D torroidal flow charts, it would be interesting to see what happens.

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