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Default Interesting.

Yes, an interesting thread.Where does one begin? At the beginning!!!
Our world is becoming very manipulative.Our young girls are becoming ill?
Understanding that womb cancer is sexually transmitted is attested to.
Not having sex with multiple partners is the only prevention not injections!
Giving girls vaccines is a green light to not accepting their responsibilities.

Giving injections is what Big Brother wants to do.Ten years from Hell?
If these girls aren't barren or breeding monsters, i'll eat my hat.
Respond by not allowing girls under your supervision to have this jab.
Let your daughters take responsibility for their own health.Fuck the Gov.
Systematic rape of a whole people is wrong.Jabbing girls is rape.

Shout the news from the rooftops-Big Brother is raping with a needle!
How much more of this can we take? Can't you see what is going on?
Observation is what is needed.Observation is a catholic gift-ie everyone.
Under this system we are being abused to the point of breaking.
Let us be as one and shake off our bonds and become free.
Don't let the bastards grind you down

British people must stop being sheep!
Escape from the system!

Forget our worries and petty problems;forget our selfish impulses!
Unite and become as one.Like a bible code prophesy says-"observe blind ones"
Come together in peace and love my fellow country folk-Conquer with love.
Knowledge of the enemy is what will beat him in fullness of his pomp.
Enjoy your responsibilities and throw off the nanny state and be mature.
Delight in your knowledge of truth and ...Oh ,What the fuck?
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