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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
It is nice to see you passing your POV off as fact

Can you actually prove irrevocably that there are no reptilians?

Until you encounter one (and i certainly hope you never do) you can not know with any measure of absolute whether they exist or do not.

Your point of view is simply that your own POV: - the only assertion is that of your own reality and nothing more.

Many people have encountered reptilian beings, some of them have written books about it.

Please don't try and pass your own point of perception off as fact while offering little else as evidence
Originally Posted by abrett44 View Post
Also, I did not ask him for proof nor did I expect that. I asked for evidence, which was poorly worded. I should have asked him to give me reasons as to why he believes it is not a real phenomenon.
Well why dont you both quit spouting your mouth off about how much proof there is and begin actually showing us some
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