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Originally Posted by abrett44 View Post
I'm not worried. You say that without giving any evidence to back it up, so if you want to be taken seriously please give your reasons.
You have a lack of evidence as well. Your testimony and eye witness account alone that you have saw people with slits in their eyes is not enough. You could be lying, you could have been mistaken or you could have been decieved. Evidence works both ways.

I myself was freeked out by a guy once that had eyes that where lit up blue. However i real;ized quite quickly he was wearing special contact lenses. You can also get lenses for the eyes that have slits in them. They are not uncommon, especially to people like ravers.

I have also experienced seeing someone sit next to me shapeshift from a little boy to an ugly old man with one eye and fists like shovels, then into a midget and so on. However i do not think this was a reptillian shapeshifter and i believe i was hullucinating as i had been out partying that night. Had loads of speed, some e's and some MDA, plus lots of drink and some joints.
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