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Originally Posted by hande View Post
I fail to understand nothing - hints in the bit where I said - Police guilty of cover up - police at fault on day.

Next will come a campaign to prosecute Police and stadium for negligence

Events on the day WILL NOT be taken in isolation, in any accident** investigation contributory and external factors are taken into consideration. As they should be.

Those points I raised like Security measures, fences and typical crowd behaviour will all be used as evidence by the police as to why they weren't to blame. As such don't even expect to see a single sacrificial officer / stadium manager sacrificed.

What part of that don't you understand.

**It wasn't intentional or natural causes so I se the term accident.

cynically nobody will be pinged for the cover up it will fall at the feet of some dead or long retired officer.
My mistake this is a strictly bash the police thread - Have we blamed Thatcher yet I'm sure she was throwing stolen milk into the crowd.
This comments says it all about your real agenda on this thread .....
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