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I do have to agree there because of the culture of British football hooliganism, that it was indirectly setting the stage for what was to happen that day. If this had been any other sporting event that kind of security measure would never have been undertaken. I'm not saying the fans where to blame that day - absolutely not. I agree also too also, that with the amount of big money that these clubs have, money should've been spent on trying to make the stadium and grounds more safer. This culture of football hooliganism is the main reason I cannot stand football. Fighting over what is technically a bread and circus event. It's the stone age culture not the intelligence culture. We need to move on from all this.

I can't believe some here are suggesting this tragedy was a hoax, that is one hell of a far out suggestion. Maybe some broadcast fakery here or there, but surely not the entire event. This isn't Sandy Hook or the Boston bombing's where talking about you know.

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