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Originally Posted by aussieaussie View Post
I'm waiting for a new Bin Laden video to pop up on the news in the next few days.
That is our main problem we are being made to wait, but we don't have to any more, if we wait until they have their one world empire it will be too late and another hundred years of wars will go by again before our great grand children will be able to see clearly, if they make it through that is, the time for talking and waiting has long gone, we must boycott today everything this system stands for, or on our heads be it.

I don't really like to put my whole down, but we might just have to be cruel to our own in order of being kind to those who we have all exploited before, take at look down at your shoes right now and after each step forward compare that to a small white cross in the ground and a mother weeping somewhere in our whole, what will we do, will we yeild or will we look upon everyone as our whole and true freedom.

Could we become the ellites unemployed, if so they would quickly join us.
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