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Originally Posted by artmuzz View Post
My dad knew a guy who was in the SAS and Scopaesthesia was used as one of the training techniques taught to the SAS when approaching the enemy. The technique was not to look at the enemy before attacking from behind as the enemy would know that someone is behind them.
That is a tough one because while you want to keep an eye focused on the target, you are not supposed to because that will give the signal to them. I don't know if this is the correct way but this is what I do when I have to walk pass a person I don't want to be noticed. Use your peripheral vision so you are not looking directly at them i.e. you are to look far into the horizon straight ahead while you are kind of 'sensing' the enemy who are situated on your side. I'd imagine, you could also imagine yourself elsewhere while you are making approach? I haven't tried this one but it has just popped into my head. Must try it.

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