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Originally Posted by aurum View Post
Lots of sound advice for you here already... I went through a sketchy time as well, after looking into the Franklin coverup (definitely don't go there). Think I was already feeling pretty unnerved and unsettled by that point anyway, looking back now, but that stuff just sent me over the edge and I really started to worry about my mental health. It's a very discordant feeling that you get, because everyone around you is 'normal' and relatively untroubled, oblivious to it all... And then there's you, and it feels like you're suddenly carrying this huge burden of knowledge which no one wants to hear about, no one wants to know... So you can become more isolated as it gets harder to relate to others around you- they just seem so vacuous and clueless and you don't have the patience for it.

Well I didn't anyway- I was just so disgusted and outraged, how could people simply not care?? What was wrong with them?? So yeah, that was a dark time. A long dark tunnel of horrible unpalatable truths. And yes, it changed me for sure. It changed me at a very fundamental, profound level and probably not for the better looking back- it made me very depressed for starters, and everything that comes with that. It kind of made me hate the world and want to escape it, which arguably is the true purpose behind the teachings of many of the ancient religions. But anyway, believe it or not, what got me through that dark period was a little bald headed buffoon called Karl Pilkington, hahaaa!! I needed that dose of irreverent humour just to maintain some balance and perspective. Probably doesn't have to be him, whatever works for you obviously, but just stepping back and balancing your mind with things that make you feel a bit more 'normal' again, y'know?

It can be too much, too soon for many people. The temptation is to dive right in and consume as much 'truth' as you can take and it gets addictive almost. The Mystery Schools would adopt a very different technique, acquisition of knowledge was taken slowly and incrementally and not every initiate was deemed suitable for accessing the 'higher knowledge'... You have to ready your mind. Secret societies adopt a similar program of 'learning'. The point being, if it feels too much, then take a break from it. I know I did. And will do so again shortly, because other areas of your life also need attention if you're going to be happy, balanced and well. Switch off and focus on things that make you happy, because this is a long dark treacherous road and I truly believe it can send you mental if you're not strict with yourself.

For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.
Ecclesiastes 1:18

Take some comfort in the fact that you're not alone in how you're feeling, and you will get through it, but you also need to regularly take a break from it all to regain perspective- don't overload yourself with too much information all in one go, because the brain simply isn't equipped to process it all. Some of the information is so shocking, so horrific, that you'd have to be a sociopath not to get affected by it. It changes your whole schema of the world, everything you thought you knew, the happy safe realm of rainbows and unicorns where everyone is essentially a good honest person, and good always triumphs over evil. It takes some getting used to. It's probably not too dissimilar to the stages of grieving- you're grieving for the true state of the world and the loss of your innocence. So take some time out, get outside, connect with nature, exercise... Find some balance. Because there is still a lot of good in the world- heck, we've got people on this forum and many others using their own free time to help share and spread knowledge, many many 'awake' people sacrificing their own personal happiness to help get the message out... And it is making a difference, I do believe that x
The stage-by-stage approach to growth is a useful analogy and approach. By and large, it's what's missing from conspiracy material. Unknowingly we can expect too much of ourselves, and then project that to other people.

As for the necessity for humour, I have probably established the most impressive Alan Partridge thread on the entire internet. And what better place to do it than DIF HQ?
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