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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
Have you got twenty minutes, OmChi?

This is probably the only video done by a known researcher that addresses just about everything you've posted, and offers an alternative way to look at conspiracy material. Perhaps there's a few more vids out there now but it's certainly one of the first.

I have never heard such a well explained version of how i was targeted with information and how it effected me in the early days of my awakening ,i will definitely be purchasing any books written by this author/researcher .I hadn't heard of David Icke in those days but Erich Van Daniken and his work is much the same ...Loads of Truth that carries (shall we say other notions ) just like radio waves can carry information .

Becoming deprogrammed offten lays you naked like a child again needing reprogramming with the good stuff .That's where the problem is WHAT IS THE GOOD STUFF .How do i regrow again have to have faith i think ( in self )

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