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Originally Posted by mannybash View Post
David DOES need to call a press conference and increase people's awareness of what is going on. He may think it won't do good but there is only one way of finding out
A press conference about what?

I don't think you know what the purpose of a 'Press Conference' is. Maybe you've got it confused with something else?

"Press Conference

An interview given to journalists by a prominent person in order to make an announcement or answer questions."
David Icke has written lots of books, done DVDs, live talks, videos and audio almost every few days are uploaded to his YouTube channel and he does radio and other interviews. The guy has to have some sleep you know!

I don't see what else David Icke could, or even why he should do more. You have to remember he doesn't have to have done all this (or any of it) - he chose to. He has devoted his life to this and you're asking he do more!

I don't understand why people made demands of David Icke as if they own him or somehow that he has to do something just because they think he should.

The best thing you can do Manny is read his books. Then you will see what he does, why he has done it and why it is the books that are at the core of making people aware.
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