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I would rather use more powerful than 'better'. They have slightly different meaning though it seems the same.

You say, they have womb. That is just a physical representation of the yin aspect which I'm sure you know it's receptive, like water is also receptive and feminine by nature. In this world, in order to keep the secret hidden that man's strength was promoted to say, men (male) are stonger than females so that real power could be kept under mind control. Remember, the masses believe whatever they are told. Trolls are beautiful and all that.

Everything is born out of darkness. Seeds sprout in the soil (darkness), ideas come from the subconscious/superconscious which are also hidden. The sun is masculine, shines and project light by day, the moon shines in darkness, it RECEIVES light from the sun, hence feminine in nature. Therefore, day and night have different energy and things done in darkness is more powerful. So if you have an idea which you want to birth, you'd be better to close your eyes and visualise it in darkness to manifest. Darkness is chaos, unformed sea of infinite potentials hence powerful. The reason why the darkness gives more manifestation power is that there is no structure (chaos). If there are rules and boundary already set, you'd have to go over hoops to get A-Z whereas in chaos, you can make up whatever you like!

Women are waking up and tide is shifthing though.

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