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Default Why Women Make Better Sorcerers

"The Nagual told me and the little sisters that during our menstrual periods dreaming becomes power. I get a little crazy for one thing. I become more daring. And like the Nagual showed us, a crack opens in front of us during those days. You're not a woman so it can't make any sense to you, but two days before her period a woman can open that crack and step through it into another world."
With her left arm she followed the contour of an invisible line that seemed to run vertically in front of her at arms length.
"During that time a woman, if she wants to, can let go of the images of the world, that's the crack between the worlds, and as the Nagual said, it is right in front of all of us women.
"The reason the Nagual believes women are better sorcerers than men is because they always have the crack in front of them, while a man has to make it."
- page 164; Second Ring of Power; Carlos Castaneda

Women have a natural advantage when it comes to accessing the spirit realm because they have a womb, and I say this as a man so don't take it as some kind of feminist trip.

It's just a natural fact of life.

It seems the womb and/or the lining is highly charged in spiritual energy, and thus gives women an edge over men when it comes to seeing into the spirit world.

It explains why menstrual blood is so valuable for use in spiritual rituals.

Women also tend to have more supernatural experiences

Of course women are never taught of their awesome spiritual power, instead they're taught that its a simple biological process, and when looked at in this limited way, it's true nature can never be understood.

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