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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Control of the brain by what?

Control of the brain by the brain?

Like a car driving itself?

Do you mean self-control of the brain?

What is this 'self' that you must be claiming is controlling the brain?

And on and on it goes...

You're backing the wrong horse if you think it is ever going to be shown that the brain produces consciousness, and every neuroscientist knows it too, in the back of their...mind. All the mainstream research seems to be going in the other direction.
I'm not backing any horse.

Not that it's needed. 30 seconds of logical analysis should be enough for anyone to conclude that the brain is a process within consciousness, and not vice versa.
Please don't do that, use the logical analysis of your BRAIN to conclude that.

No, they're energies.
Your opinion. Np.

Anger, or sexual arousal, for example, generate a lot of energy, this is obvious.
Did your brain work that one out

Just to say - there is no resolution to this exchange, it is largely a belief system you are talking about and one that I am fully aware of, as I wore it like a badge of honour for almost a decade.

I do find it funny when it gets pointed out to me by people who have just discovered it (not you - do not take that the wrong way).
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