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Just a few words on different ways of keeping fit ,and why some have a 'spiritual' component...

What do we mean by keeping fit ? ..... some activity which get's you out of breath, working the heart and lungs .... works all muscles ,builds muscle mass .... increases flexibility in all areas ....

What is meant by a 'spiritual' ??? ..... Exercises which still the mind and naturally draws focus within the body . It's about becoming centered....

Any regime that jerks and jolts the body , encourages outward focus is not what we want .... the mind is going out .... jogging , boxing of necessity require an outward focus .

Some eastern martial arts , in their training, involve slow gentle moves , intense focus on the subtlest movements of the body ... tai chi , aikido , and others .... and these have traditionally been associated with monks and meditation ...

The supreme system is yoga ..... stillness , internal stretch and focus ... If practiced properly some yoga practices will also get you out of breath and build muscles . The main schools are 'Iyengar' which adheres to the classical tradition ... 'ashtanga' , a modern development more dynamic and demanding... 'Sivananda' a more esoteric system..

They're all good ... practicing with others makes it easy , classes everywhere ....

Yoga is the preparation for sex! ..... this is your motivation , the quest for ultimate bliss and divine union.
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