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Originally Posted by j35p3r4d0 View Post
The thing is Potassium Iodide has its drawbacks for human consumption in higher doses. They now sell a mixture of Colloidal Iodine, Potassium Iodide, and Sodium Iodide.

Sodium Iodide cannot be used for pregnant women so be careful, use as directed.
Can I ask on what basis you believe you need to take iodine? Have you had your thyroid levels taken?

It's not just pregnant women who need to take care, everyone does.

I'm just getting over Amiodarone induced thyrotoxicosis. Amiodarone contains iodine and I was taking circa 100 times RDA each day. Thyrotoxicosis / hyperthyroidism aint nice: tremor, weight loss, heat intolerance, irregular and fast heart rhythm [which can be fatal].

I'm surprised so many people on here are taking iodine supplements!

I watched the following video earlier where Alex says the US government introduced iodised salt and cited the health benefits and increased IQ levels in areas where the iodised salt was introduced. That's all true. What he didn't say is the reason the US government stopped iodised salt was because deaths from thyroid related problems increased dramatically!

The rise in thyroid-related deaths pdf

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