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Originally Posted by ronisron View Post
This is a fairly recent doc about Paul is Dead being investigated by a young man with time on his hands. The young man in question comes to a lot of the same conclusions that I did about Paul and a connection to Tavistock, Freemasonry, Crowley and the MI5. The more interesting info starts from about 35 minutes onward. Good connections made in this but no real definitive conclusion. Just that PID was a mindfuck, and there really are clues and backwards messages alluding to... something.

watched this and the George Harrison's last testament documaentary (again). now whether the latter is true (tapes originality) or not, it certainly throws up some interesting points. the 'heather mills connection' : wiki says she's 49, but I'm sure she is a little older than that, but not old enough to be "Rita" the lift paul gave.

Also, the above video, the commentator states paul was driving an aston, whereas george in the other video says it's an austin... (a bit of ambiguity in language pronunciation aston / austin ??)

the explanation of record covers, lyrics and back masking is very intriguing, but I'm not 100% on paul / faul... surely other bands from this period would've noticed a difference???
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