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Originally Posted by alohanui View Post
Yeah, same. While watching his videos, I find I frequently pause and do a little googling. Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of of incredulity, sometimes out of the sheer 'holy shit' factor. Even casual Google searches back him up just about every single time.
he's ahead of the curve and he is so able to move past the redundant perceptions because he does not limit himself by attaching to a group; he does not say 'i am a man'. he says our bodies are like space suits through which our consciousness experiences this reality for a time; he does not identify with nationalities saying instead we are all infinate consciousness; he does not say he is a christian, or a jew or muslim saying instead we are all one

This enables him to stay loyal to the truth rather than to created forms of identity. The problem some people have is that they DO ATTACH to these labels

And you can hear them agressively defending the thing they identify with. When that thing stands in the way of them learning about a truth that is occuring or which undermines their perception of identity they will defend their identity rather than the truth

Most of humanity is like that; they're clinging to religions, nationalities, football teams, their self image etc etc

However icke also recognises that the cabal behind the NWO also want to do away with many of those forms of identity so that they can merge everyone into a new society...a new world order

So although icke is not telling people to identify with those things he has cautioned against people parting from those in order to sleep walk into the NWO

I am not against change....i'm just cautioning people about what change they move to and that means moving forwards with EYES WIDE OPEN about whats really going on so that they don't let go of the old but stumble from the frying pan into the fire

yes lets let go of divisive things but lets know where we're going when we do that or we will be led on a merry dance by some dark forces!
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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