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Originally Posted by alohanui View Post
How come it's uncool to like Icke?

This one baffles me the most of all, given that this is his forum n’ stuff.
Anyway. I’m glad there IS such a variety of opinions here. I didn’t really expect a forum full of cookie-cutter hive mind clones when I joined, given the very nature of what Icke talks about (but, well, you never know. So many internet forums -do- develop very specific belief sets where you either toe that line to fit in, or you’re out. …) I must say, though, that I really didn’t expect the whole ‘if you agree with Icke too much you’re a mindless guru follower' attitude I sometimes encounter, either.
It’s as though quite a few forum members appear to believe that the only possible way to arrive at the same conclusions Icke did is to blindly accept them from him. *shrug* Nah. It’s entirely possible to either have arrived at those conclusions entirely on your own or even, having heard of them (maybe even from Icke,) decide he’s right without any kind of guru-fixation. Accusing someone of being a mindless guru follower's just a cheap trick to derail a conversation, IMO.
or is it that some posters have an agenda that is exposed by ickes work so they seek to denegrate his work or him in order to discredit what he is saying?

You can easily go out and fact check a lot of what he's said by cross referencing with other sources...i have
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