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hehe thank you

yeah, I mean I will still be forking shit out but, this way I will have a shelter always. Student nurses only get 400-500 quid a month....realistically I wont be able to do a shift every week on bank. I just cannot do it any other way. But then, there is a deeper part that wants to do this, to just be in total nature and that be my home. Different setting every now and then. There are plenty of spots i Scotland. I already have the quieter spots in the hospital car parks ear marked for some stealth camping by the more greener parts

I am hoping to join Marie Curie on pallative care to do on top of my training (if I get on course) I am going to hunt round for a decent cattery and see what money is like in few months to utilise that service whilst at work. Its all still up in air but I am feeling it....I have the get up in my front room as its coming....its cosy, perfect and its mint
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