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The marriage of Jo Leadbeater & Brendan Cox

I posted earlier that I had located the marriage certificate for Jo Leadbeater and Brendan Cox at the BMD website and had ordered a copy certificate.

Until today I saw no reason to post any of these personal details, even though upon receipt, I noticed an anomaly between the date on the certificate and the date posted to the Facebook account.

Today I realised that there is something else about the date of the marriage that I consider to be entirely relevant and significant, so have decided to post sufficient detail from the certificate for illustration.

On the Facebook account jo.cox.180, the date of the marriage of Jo & Brendan Cox is posted as 25 July 2009, which was a Saturday.

This Facebook date of 25 July 2009 is different from the marriage certificate date.

I assume that it was posted incorrectly on Facebook for privacy reasons.

The copy marriage certificate shows the marriage date as 27 June 2009, which was a Saturday.

( Barely out of his twenties and he's a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister ! No wonder the country is in a mess. )

The certificate has been cropped to show the top half only.

All of these details are in the public domain already.

The bottom half of the certificate shows their shared address at the time, their parents' names and occupations, the name and organisation of the Humanist Celebrant, the names and addresses of the two witnesses who were the best woman and best man, whom we already know were Sarah Hamilton and Will Paxton, the date that the marriage was registered, ( Monday ) 29 June 2009 and the signature of the Registrar.

There are no other signatures on the certificate other than the Registrar's. I trust that the Register is signed.

The reason I am posting the top half of the certificate is to prove that the marriage date is recorded as 27 June 2009.

The reason I am posting that is because it is the same date that Wikipedia records the formation date of the Israel supporting, pro Zionist, English Defence League - the EDL.

Wikipedia : English Defence League

Formation : 27 June 2009

So, I consider it entirely appropriate to post that detail, given that we are told that the murder of Jo Cox was done by a "neo Nazi nut job".

From my pov, which I have already stated is, I am sure as I can be from my research and the reasons I have posted that Jo Cox was murdered.

These matching dates add support for that position in that I know this is the same method by which patsies are selected in other scripts which I have studied. My position on this aspect of the script / narrative construction is that they are usually selected in part, on their dates of birth or in some cases, the reported dates of birth may well be invented to suit the script / narrative.

I understand that from the pov of those who may doubt that Jo Cox was murdered and that the entire event was a psyop, it could be argued that these matching dates equally reinforce that position too. I supose the argument being there would be that the "wedding" took place to satisfy the script.

I consider that scenario to be pointless and therefore so extremely unlikely as to be not worthy of consideration.

The fall back position for that pov then being that these dates are just serendipitous and therefore irrelevant.

They are serendipitous of course. Neither event was designed to coincide with the other.

I consider these matching dates to be entirely relevant because imo, they reinforce the "selection" of Jo Cox as the victim and among the main the reasons for the construction of a "neo Nazi / extreme right wing nationalist murderer" narrative.

As I've also said before, I could be wrong on this of course, but I strongly doubt that.

These matching dates are very significant imo.


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