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Jo Cox and hate mail

I was alerted to the alleged receipt of hate mail over a three month period in the eulogy from Hope Not Hate's supremo, Nick Lowles
17:52 June 17 2016
and reprinted in Newsweek shortly afterwards

That's funny, I didn't notice that before, or see it being quoted on this thread.
There is much speculation about Jo’s killer, Tommy Mair, 52, who shot and stabbed her multiple times outside a constituency meeting in Birstall, near Leeds. That Jo had received hate mail in the months before her death; that police were (apparently) considering offering her protection.
There's no speculation on twitter, or other media outlets until.....
June 17 2016 12:01 AM BST
Police were poised to put extra security in place for Jo Cox when she became the first British MP to be murdered in more than 25 years.

Mrs Cox, 41, who was shot and stabbed repeatedly by a man who allegedly shouted “put Britain first”, had been harassed in a stream of messages over three months. Additional security was being considered at her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire, where the attack took place, as well as at her houseboat in London. There is no known link between the messages and yesterday’s attack.
and repeated in the Huffington Post and Mail.

There is no evidence for this whatsoever, or any tweets from Jo to support the "intelligence", or indeed what form the "messages" took. But
[quote]Police have confirmed it...
Her death comes three months after a man was cautioned for sending her ‘malicious communications’.
Police have since confirmed the abuse messages were not the same man who was arrested on Thursday following the attack.
Did they now?
10:45 PM BST June 16 2016
GrumpyDenier 52% [email protected] 16 Jun 2016 [10:59 PM]
@SkyNews @johnmknox Where will they bury the retraction of the 'Britain First' lie? On page 20, right at the bottom of the page, no doubt.

anthony m bradley [email protected]_am 16 Jun 2016 [11:01 PM]
@SkyNews this newspaper should be blasted for publishing untruths at this sad time and made to retract. The MP is a disgrace, deleted tweet.

jim mc doo [email protected] 16 Jun 2016 [10:56 PM
@SkyNews Locals Report Man Arrested Wouldn't Hurt A Fly.
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