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Originally Posted by markgobell View Post

It's utterly preposterous I know ...

In this book it is writtten that the Cliveden Press was operated by Roger Pearson, founder of the Northern League, which he was, with a real life member of the Waffen-SS, which is another probable reason why the Waffen-SS is mentioned in the Thomas Mair "library googlings" narrative ...

Here's a piece which mentions Hans Jurgens, author of one of the esoteric green hardbacks, The Face of Africa and Roger Pearson in the context of the Bell Curve "wars" ... and Pearson's neo-eugenicist journal Mankind Quarterly.

Correction : Pearson's organisation that I mentioned earlier from Arthur Kemp's email was the Institute for the Study of Man not the Instiutute of Man.

Fascinating, Mark, fascinating. Very scholarly stuff, it doesn't look at all like Tommy's cup of tea. The other "Cliveden set"... It's obviously a big intelligence leg pull, or inside joke, that book collection "of Mair".

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