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Two videos have been posted by YouTube user Marira

The second one is the uncut version of the crazy theatrical arrest of "Mair". What is highlighted is the odd casually dressed man from about 0.46 [lower video] who ambles from the passenger door of an unmarked black car towards the "arrest" scene only to wander back to the car and get in it again. Marira posits that it is the Tommy Mair who appeared in the dock at the Old Bailey.

Certainly the cheap looking blue jeans might be the same ones seen in the Gentile Jim compilation of a day in the life of Tommy Mair.

It is certainly very odd behaviour in Risedale Avenue. I cannot believe that man is a plain clothes policeman. Marira creditably shows how other footage tries to minimise the presence of that person.

Is it Mair? The only clue comes from his hair pattern [disguised by the various baseball caps elsewhere in his walkabout] He seems to have the same hair pattern as the real [?] Mair but in Risedale Avenue, it seems darker at the back, whereas the Old Bailey and "imprisoned for life" Mair seems to have much greyer hair at the back.

Hair colour no yardstick in any case.

What is absolutely astonishing is that there is not a single curtain twitcher, no door opening, no resident on the street to be seen anywhere in Risedale Avenue during this performance.
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