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Originally Posted by pablito View Post
In latin language your post it’s an “escusatio non petita” .
But it also looks only a post out of the thread.

So I will not reply to this miserable controversy.
I speak about science and I don’t speak about gossip.
Of course you will not reply to this 'miserable controversy' (which you incited on your own) because you sir are in the wrong and are fully aware of this fact.

In English Language we too have a saying, be it not as sophisticated.... 'Stop talking out of your arse'

You speak about Science and not gossip? OK. Lets begin......

First by defining gossip;

gos·sip [gos-uhp] Show IPA noun, verb, -siped or -sipped, -sip·ing or -sip·ping.
1.idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others: the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.
2.light, familiar talk or writing.
3.Also, gos·sip·er, gos·sip·per. a person given to tattling or idle talk.
4.Chiefly British Dialect . a godparent.
5.Archaic . a friend, especially a woman.
verb (used without object) talk idly, especially about the affairs of others; go about tattling.

This is your recent defamatory post, along with a translation...

Il tuo appello è sincero e con te si può avere sicuramente un buon rapporto, diversamente da chi mi ubriaca il tecnico del suono, tanto da farlo stramazzare a terra, ottenendo le informazioni più aggiornate sui nostri risultati non pubblicati. Oppure anche su questo sito cerca di metterci in cattiva luce per quello che stiamo facendo parlando di sciocchezze come di "accendere la piramide" o l'uso di "medium". O ancora utilizza il nostro archivio aggiornato fino ad alcuni mesi fa, ora a sua disposizione, pubblicando una nostra foto sul giornale come se fosse di sua provenienza, perchè non ha avuto tempo di andare personalmente sul sito.

Your appeal is sincere and with you it's surely possible to have a good relationship, unlike with the people who are trying to get the sound technician drunk, so much so to knock him down on the floor, in order to obtain updated informations about our unpublished results. Or people on this web-site who are trying to put us in a bad light with the things we are trying to do speaking about foolishnesses like "turning on the pyramid" or using a "medium". Or again somebody who's using our archive, updated until few months ago, now at his disposal, to publish one of our pictures in a newspaper like it's his source, just because he didn't have the time to personally go on the site.
I do not see how declaring to the world that certain people got one of your researchers drunk in order to extract information is 'science'.

Since you, nor anyone else on the internet were present or invited to the social event you speak of on the nibiru forum, i would say it was indeed private/personal and therefore gossip. How you witnessed your sound engineer fall on the floor in the first place is miraculous, especially because I nor anyone else present saw such an event.

I feel childish lowering myself to this kind of behavior but unless someone calls you on your BS i dont see it ever stopping.

now back on topic.... Noone is who they say they are.

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